Bulk SMS - FAQ

How do I signup?
To signup, simply proceed to our Order Today page, where you can submit an order by providing your contact details and credit purchase amount. Once your subission has been processed, you will recieve your custom invoice with relevant payment information.{slider How long does it take?}Once your payment has been received, your account with be created and credited with your purchase amount within 24 hours.

How to I send messages?
Login to the account, compose a message, enter/upload mobile numbers, and click on Send button to start delivering messages. You will receive a secured account with the login URL, username, and password when you order a bulk sms package. You can also visit our helpcentre for further tutorials on managing your account.

How do I add credit to my account?
Netcom Bulk SMS Services works on a prepaid basis. You can purchase credits by contacting our support department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please include the purchase amount and your account username, Our team will then provide you with your custom invoice with relevant payment information.

How long can my message be?
The message length allowed for 1 credit message is 160 characters. If the text length exceeds 160 characters then the message consumes 2 or more credits. The character length for 2 messages is 306, for 3 messages is 459, for 4 messages is 612, and for 5 messages is 724.

Do my SMS credits expire?
SMS credits do NOT expire. This means that your SMS credits will be available in your account for as long as you need them.

How pays for failed messages?
You, as the account holder, pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to a contact in your database.

There are two reasons for this:

  • The networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status.
  • We expend more resources in handling failed messages as we re-try sending these messages to the network before reporting it as a failed message

Can I see message reports?
Yes, you can see these in the 'Reports' section of your web application

Does Netcom add text to my messages?
Netcom doesn’t add any text in your message of any kind.




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